The fact that Sayulita is more popular than other destinations in the area could be explained in part by its natural conditions, perfect for the enjoyment of surfing. It has an extensive beach, much admired by surfing enthusiasts who come from the Mexican capital and various U.S., Canadian and European cities.

Both during the day and at night the community vibrates with the enthusiasm of visitors, happy to enjoy the many wonders of the Mexican Pacific in one place. While the sun shines brightly in the clear sky, many visitors like to tan their skin on the beach; others simply lie on the sand to contemplate the vast horizon of the sea; couples like to take long walks along the beach, holding hands and enjoying the magnificent views and of course there are many surfing enthusiasts, measuring their skill with the board before the most challenging waves.


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Be captivated by the radiant colors of the Nayar jungle. If you are patient, a reddish sunset will reveal itself to you.


Explore the unique wealth of Sayulita and discover the natural and cultural variety of the place through our guided tours.

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Listen to the behavior of water. His running, his thunder, his bubbling. Wait for the big wave while the birds sing your songs.


Experience the contrast of aromas in each of the dishes that our Chef will prepare especially for you.

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