September in Sayulita

¡Viva México!

September 12, 2021

 This September, one of the most beautiful flags in the world is dressed up for a party. Independence Day is celebrated throughout Mexico.

The historical figures who organized to free themselves from the Spanish crown are alive these days and the feelings of emotion of the Mexicans are felt in the environment.

Come and enjoy colorful streets dressed with the tricolor flag, everywhere you will see a tune of decoration allusive to this day, ornate businesses and colorful landscapes contrasting with the green, white and red of the Mexican flag.

Paths to the sea with serpentine flags through the warm air coming from the ocean, imagine the beauty that your sight will witness as you have the blue of the sea in the background framed with thousands of flags that will end up directing your gaze towards a beautiful panorama.

Enjoy the national celebrations in Sayulita, where it does not matter from which country you are, if you are present to enjoy the holidays you are from Mexico, welcome to celebrate with everyone one of the most representative historical moments in the country.

Experience the shelter and warmth of the people, enjoy their kindness and smile in everything they do and feel at home by being part of the traditions of the country.

Nothing more beautiful than the flag adorning parks, streets, stalls, businesses and people, feeling proud to live in this rich and generous country... an experience that you certainly cannot miss.

If you want to see one of the most representative and important festivities in the country ... Sayulita is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy it, beach, sand, sea, sun and beautiful landscapes await you.

We invite you to celebrate the Independence of Mexico in Sayulita, where everything flows and the good vibes will make you live a unique experience.

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